PrepaidGiftBalance Visa Card Mastercard

The prepaidgiftbalance cards are great. Have money to spend on your favourite things without guilt? If not then pre paid gift balance make it easy for you.

  • Prepaid credit cards such as Visa, Amex and Master card? Even better. But all too often, you end up with a card that has a few dollars or even a few cents on it without any way to spend it.
  • Go to Home Depot to spend $ 1.59? Not worth the gas.
  • Even worse, bank cards often cannot be combined with another payment method, making them almost unusable.

So what to do in such condition?

Prepaid gift balance cards are easier to unload

1) Sell the balance. Make sure there is no minimum that the site will accept.

2) Cash it out – if you live on the west coast. The 8% of Americans who are lucky enough to live in California have a fantastic time and a strict law that requires stores to withdraw gift cards for less than $ 10.00. Check your status policy here.

There are some creative options to use the balance of a prepaid gift card.

3) Apply it to your Amazon account. Use the cards to purchase Amazon gift cards that you can then apply to your Amazon account. No expiration date and no spending limit. And what can you buy on Amazon?

4) Pay yourself! Easy, practical, cash. Disadvantage: 2.75% loss of payment costs. In addition, a word of caution: Misuse can cause your account to be marked for fraud.

5) Use it in a store. Most cashiers can split the payment between several options. Online, it’s a completely different story…

6) Get a simple Visa card. They are cool. You can also add Visa and Mastercard prepaid gift cards directly to your account. Also it is easy to check mastercard gift card balance. Then you can use it to withdraw money from vending machines or stores. This is particularly useful at the moment because there is no transfer fee.

7) Add it to PayPal. You can add your prepaid cards to your PayPal account and use it to pay any place accepting PayPal. Easy as hello 😉 Read this for more information.

Alternative ideas (without money)

* Gift to a child. Remember how rich a neighborhood made you feel at the time? Make the children’s party and give them your gift card, they will be delighted. And you will feel good too. More detail one can get at prepaidgiftbalance com.

* Test the waters. Sign up for an online service and do not trust them? Many sites require a credit card to register. Keep a prepaid MasterCard or Visa card from with a few dollars to use when you register. Once you trust the website and service change it with a real credit card.

* Give it to charity. Your heart and your wallet will feel lighter. A large number of charities accept donations for gift cards and prepaid cards.